Women of Worth & Worship

Who are we? 

Women of worth and worship women’s ministry is a ministry that was Birthed by our visionary First lady Ardys Leslie.

She had a Radical Encounter with the Love of GOD in 1997 when she submitted her Life after Years of searching for Life’s Purpose, trying to find her worth, value, Identity and longing for a Father’s Love.

GOD delivered her from a History of generational curses, and being tormented in her mind as she spent many years bound in a cult. Reproved and put out, and completely rejected by all of her family, it was then that she died but yet was awakening to the fact that her entire life was a lie. From that place of God restoring her women of worth and worship was birthed. 

Women of worth and worship is a community of Christian women who are real women with real issues, and real tears. We are women who have endured and have overcome insurmountable odds to reach our respective success levels through the word of God.   Women of worth are champions for living Authentic and free. Our events set people free from the bondage of their past that have created strongholds in their minds and obstacles to happiness in their lives. Our goal is to engage all five senses by offering a Bible based, Holy spirit Filled experience to all that partake in this ministry and all events. 

Many of these women have stories that will transform lives?  Everyone’s story will resonates with people from all walks of life. 


Mission Outreach

Grace Community is thrilled to be part of the spread of God’s kingdom around the world. We are active in sending missionaries and supporting these missionaries with our money and with our prayers. The five missionaries from Grace Community Church are located in three countries—Zimbabwe, Cambodia, and Mexico. Each year, a small team from our church travels to one of these three countries to assist our missionaries in practical projects and evangelistic outreach. We encourage all of our people to respond to God’s call for laborers, whether it means that they move to a foreign country or live and minister in our own community.


Music & Drama

God-honoring worship is something we strive for. Many church members get involved in our music and drama ministry. Some play their instruments. Some are vocalists. Others are involved in the choir. Still others get involved in drama. These volunteers are an important part of the ministry of our church, using their talents and gifts to glorify God.

Mighty Men of Valor

MMOV is a ministry of bringing men together of all ages to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ. Empowering and encouraging each other to be servant’s leaders in our families, Church and communities. Our goal is to provide biblical support and training to assist men of God in fulfilling purpose through prayer service biblical studies, accountability, servant hood, brotherhood, and mentorship. To Provide a series of events that will promote fellowship, outreach, and evangelism.


Marriage Ministry

Mega Churches are built from Mega marriages.

Our mission is to teach every couple how to have a Christ centered marriage that brings glory to God through the way we love and the way we live with our spouse. That we would be servants to one another. Our goal is to provide every couple with the essential empowerment tools and training to create the loving atmosphere and mature Christ-Like Love relationships, according to God’s powerful word. Our ministry is about experiencing the love and harmony of marriage in a God and biblically enriched atmosphere, while causing individual and corporate couples’ growth into spiritual maturity and providing the essential tools to enhance married couples on all levels of life.


Prayer Warriors Team

Our Prayer Warriors are led by the Direction and Power of the Holy Spirit to pray on behalf of the Needs and Visions of Abundant Life Worship Center and others. Our goal is for the Spirit of Prayer to be released in the body of Abundant Life Worship Center, and to equip the Body of Christ with understanding and the importance of prayer.


Welcome | Usher Team

Upon your first encounter and experience at Abundant Life Worship Center, it’s our commitment and pleasure to extend to you a friendly and inviting welcome as you enter our Sanctuary. A warm hospitable smile, love, gratitude and our appreciation for choosing to come worship The Lord with us. Our goal is to always provide you with a loving smile and a warm welcome to enhance your worship experience with us.


Hospitality Ministry

We covenant with the visionary of the house to demonstrate the love and servant hood of Jesus by meeting the needs of the leaders and guest ministries by being friendly and inviting. We strive to ensure that the expectations of our leaders and guest ministries are met and exceeded beyond measure.